Bermooda’s End a whole new board game company comprised of four gamers looking to bring you a new experience in tabletop gaming. We were founded in 2016 in the heart of southern California by Daryk Mall, April Mall, Lauren Reed, and Micheal Diaz. Four people with a passion for board games and everything the community has to offer. We want to bring you innovative ideas, new mechanics, and a reason to come together. We strive to listen to what you want, so we encourage you to contact
us via Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter.

Daryk Mall, our CEO of Bermooda’s End. Daryk works personally with Lawyers and other legal professionals to bring our company to where it is now. A volleyball coach by trade and an avid board game player he decided to jump into the pool of creation and make a name for himself and his friends by bringing our ideas to life through legal means not artistically.

April Mall, Lead Art Designer of Bermooda’s End. April takes our thoughts and ideas to fruition through her artistic abilities (unlike our CEO). After working as an LVN for the last three and a half years she realized that even though her passion is taking care of people it also lies with table top gaming. Most nights both Daryk and herself can be found dragging their friends into long gaming sessions only to shamefully decimate them.

Lauren Reed, manager of marketing and social media. Lauren makes sure that our games reach the eyes and ears of the public. Another volleyball coach she has also found the passion of table top that extends past just playing. She works directly with play testers and reviewers to make sure our product is more than perfect before reaching the public.

Micheal Diaz, Lead Game Designer. Micheal takes the games and gives them a story, he tries to make them more than just a game by giving everything in the game a tale.